= WordPress Comments =

From version 2.0 is possible use for each contest item original WordPress coments system. You can easily edit and delete every comment.


= Disqus Comments =

Also from version 2.0 is possilbe use popular Disqus comment system. On video bellow you can see how to get Disqus code for your page.

Step by Step

  1. Create account on
  2. Login to Disqus and visit this URL
  3. Click large button “I want to install Disqus on my site”
  4. On next page fill the form and click “Create site” button
  5. In next step click “Lets get started!”
  6. On the bottom of the page click “I do not see my platform listed….”
  7. Now select and after copy the code (Select CTRL+A and Copy CTRL+C)
  8. Go to your site to Video Contest General setting page and put the code to textarea “Disqus Code” (CTRL+V), set option “Allow Comment Box” to Disqus comments and click “Save changes”