General Settings

= Basic Settings =

  • Automatically activate new videos – Yes/No (No is recommended)
  • Allow Video Autoplay on Video Detail page – Yes/No (Yes is recommended)
  • Allow Comment Box – You have three options – No, Disqus Comments and WordPress Comments
  • Disqus Code – This field is assigned to Disqus comments – Watch video how to correctly get Disqus Code
  • Show Frontent Admin Bar – This option is related to black bar on the top of the page. You can hide this bar from users, but it will be still visible for you
  • Allow menu and gallery animation – Animation is created 100% by CSS
  • Allow reCaptcha – You have three simple options – Yes (for everyone), Yes (without admins) and No

= Voting settings =

  • Who can vote – There are two options – Registered Users and Everyone
  • Can author vote own video? – Yes/No
  • Vote button color – Pick your favorite color for the vote button
  • Use Icon in Vote Button – If you want you can choose your own icon in vote button
  • Vote text – In this option you can choose your own text for the vote button
  • Text after Vote – And again you can choose your own text which will be visible after vote

= Email and Notifications =

  • Automatically send email nofitication (to admin) when new contest image is uploaded – Yes/No
  • Email adress for notifications – If you want you can use another email than email of the admin
  • Allow custom “Welcome email” – Welcome email is send to every new user, but if you want you can use “Custom email template”
  • Other email options – All other options are tied to “Welcome email”

= Menu =

  • In this settings you can replace every text in the menu.

= BuddyPress =

  • This settings are active only if you have installed BuddyPress plugin and allows uploads, votes and comments full integration to BuddyPress activity stream